The Blind Feeding the Blind
             Eat, Drink and Dance
                in Pseudo Syria
 Manna - Vegetarian Cuisine
The Blind Feeding the Blind  Darbucka World Music Bar Manna - International, Modern Vegetarian and Organic Cuisine

The success of the Paris branch is undeniable as it celebrates its second birthday having served over 100, 000 ... read more...


Themed restaurants often fall flat when it comes to credibility, but the Bedouin style decor, authentic music ... read more...


Having opened in 1966, Manna may be London’s oldest Vegetarian restaurant, but Matthew Kay ... read more...

Presidential Candidates Rated By Favourite Restaurants Curry House Beats the Posh to Make Top Ten   Birmingham’s Metro Bar is Responsible
Presidential Candidates Rated By Favourite Restaurants The Drunken Monkey, Old Street  Birmingham’s Metro Bar is Responsible

The media is busy scrutinising every word of the presidential candidates to discern the real man behind the ... read more...


New Tayyabs, a Pakistani restaurant, has made it into the top ten for food in the Zagat London... read more...


In a recent survey completed for Birmingham’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) forum, Thrive, Metro bar... read more...

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