The Harder They Come       Magic Saves Boys Life
  Attenborough’s Theatrical and Cinematic Memoirs Published
The Harder They Come Magic Saves Boys Life Attenborough’s Theatrical and Cinematic Memoirs Published

If you want to witness a defining moment in Jamaican culture, take in the play, The Harder They Come... read more...


 A Christmas present of a magic kit has helped one young boy to save his own life. Ashley Vanristell... read more...


After 66 years in show business, EMMA Icon - Lord Richard Attenborough has written his first memoirs of his... read more...

     Need for More Black Critics           A Theatrical Lesson in                 Multiculturalism   Recasting Romeo and Juliet: A               Multi-Cultural Cast
Need for More Black Critics A Theatrical Lesson in Multiculturalism Recasting Romeo and Juliet: A Multi-Cultural Cast

Maxie Szalwinska is a female theatre critic for the Guardian, which makes her part of a minority... read more...


Theatre studies is usually associated with very ‘English style’ plays. When most students at... read more...


William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is set to have a makeover this summer, courtesy of Julie... read more...

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