This is England '86 vs. Alan Davies' Teenage RevolutionChannel 4's much talked-about Shane Meadows season begins with much anticipated drama This is England ‘86 set three years after the Bafta winning film This is England released in 2006.

Gaining over 2.5 million viewers for the first episode.

In the film Meadows' studies the contradictory faces of skinhead culture which offered an austere understanding of how personal and ideological matters become dangerous. Meadows takes a different approach this time with the series.

When we meet his original characters (and cast) three years on, they no longer harber violent tendencies and are not heavy influenced as they were before. Sean (Thomas Turgoose) is still a loner, being nagged by his mum to get a job. Woody, the leader of the skinhead gang that adopted Sean, is having doubts over his wedding to girlfriend Lol. Combo, who harboured the real racism, is only shown for a few seconds.

In Alan Davies' Teenage Revolution, we are given a visual memoir of growing up in 1980s Essex. Davies shows us snippets of personal experiences with his community, showing the different social climate. Through the various visits to nostalgic places he had  a universal youthful experience.

However, there is an interesting, troubled moment when Davies located the leader of a gang of skinheads who had terrified him in the past. Without hesitating Davies approaches the man (now in his forties). He recalls his days of "Paki bashing" with embarrassment perhaps repentance. He even talked of his father interjected with a tirade about "coloured people moving into the area". So while we may identify echoes of the 1980s in 2010, it was clear that some things never really changed and the same small injustices still remain expect people are more underhanded when portraying it.

Watch the next part of This is England 86 on Tuesday at 10pm on channel 4.
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