Action Alert: IndiaAction Alert: India - The Supreme Court of India has ordered a fresh investigation by the SIT the involvement of Narendra Modi and other state officials to Gujarat Massacre
Hindus & Jews ask Pope to uphold “Christian values” on Roma “apartheid” in EuropeHindus and Jews have portrayed His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI as “un-Christian” for not strongly supporting the cause of the Roma who face “apartheid” conditions in Europe.
Hindus & Jews want European Union to officially declare Roma maltreatment as “apartheid”Hindus and Jews have asked European Union to officially declare Roma maltreatment as “apartheid” and then make all out effort to resolve it.
Christians-Muslims-Hindus-Buddhists-Jews-Baha’is to pray together at University of Nevada-Reno in US“First Annual Inner-Faith Night” of prestigious University of Nevada-Reno (UNR), to be held on March three, will see major religious groups coming together in prayer and dialogue.
Hindus greet Jews on PurimHindus have sent greetings to Jewish communities world over on Purim, which falls on February 27-28 this year.
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